CASA RURAL CA L'AMABLESays the main risk is dental x-rays. Claus and her colleagues studied 1,433 americans who had meningiomas with 1,350 others who did not have this tumour, but who were of the same age profile, sex ratio and geographical area. The researchers then analyzed the dental and medical history of both groups. buy viagra online For instance, they were questioned whether their dentist had ordered standard x-rays, known as bite-wings, every year, never, or now and then. genuine lily icos viagra Finally they were asked if they had ever had braces which involve full mouth x-rays. Claus concluded that those who reported having full mouth x-rays before 10 years of age were 4. 9 times more likely to develop a meningioma. Those who had full-mouth x-rays later than 10 years of age were three times more prone to this tumour. This should flash a red light for parents. So how can you avoid needless dental radiation? cheap viagra According to claus all children who get braces today also get full-mouth x-rays. None of my children had braces, but most of my grandchildren have had them. The question is how many of them really needed braces and has this practice become a fashionable trend? Is the risk worthwhile if only for cosmetic reasons? viagra canada online Never accept this rationale if a dental technician says, "don't worry. viagra voucher free You get more radiation exposure from a day in the sun or flying to the caribbean. " i agree that today dental x-rays expose patients to less radiation than in the past. viagra pills But little bits of radiation mount up, particularly when one totals the exposure received from other x-ray tests. Radiation isn't like an infection that's cured by antibiotics. Rather, radiation is cumulative and, like elephants, our bodies never forget the amount received during a lifetime. viagra voucher free I've always worried about needless radiation and many years ago one of my columns made headline news. viagra buying thailand I discovered that some patients were receiving huge amounts of radiation from dental and other x-rays. For instance, some x-ray equipment had not been serviced for 15 years! This sparked a major investigation by the government. Dental x-rays are, of course, required for legitimate reasons. But like anything they can be overdone. viagra kamagra side effects So always ask if the x-ray is really needed. No one really knows how much radiation we can receive before it causes trouble. Ideally we should all have radiation cards that show how much radiation we've accumulated. Particularly since one of the major tests today is the ct scan that delivers large amounts of radiation. But hell will freeze over before such cards are in general usage. So what should parents do? I'd agree that markedly crooked teeth deserve to have braces as the radiation dose does not compare with a ct scan. cheap viagra online But for lesser imperfections it may be prudent for parents. viagra generico brasil order viagra . Carrer la Reixa, 16. La Font de la Figuera (Valencia) Tel. 636845660 - 96 229 02 93